September - May
-Sophomores- 2 years by Sept 1
Tue/Thur- 9a-12p, 9a-1:30p or 9a-3p
-PreK I- 3 yrs by Sept 1
Mon/Wed/Fri- 9a-1:30p or 9a-3p
-PreK II- 4 yrs by Sept 1
Mon-Fri- 9a-1:30p or 9a-3p
-PreK Bridge- COMING FALL 2019-               5 yrs by Sept 1, not yet entering Kindergarten Mon-Fri- 9a-1:30p or 9a-3p

June & July
Summer programs offered to families enrolled the previous academic year. 

Empowering each student
We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and design curriculum to help every student grow in each stage of development: intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically. 

Engaging students in learning
We believe young children learn best through play and exploration. We focus on the processes of learning (not the end product) and building the skills needed to make students  successful as they continue to learn through the years. We make learning fun through hands-on activities, play-based learning centers, art, free play exploration inside/outside, and school-wide thematic units that encourage creativity and community. Daily quiet times (for all classes except noon release sophomore class) give children the chance to learn to quiet themselves and focus on learning about self regulation, working on individual activities or to take a rest. Nap times are offered for those staying until 3pm.
Small class sizes make it easy for teachers to focus on each child's learning pace. Sophomore and PreK I classes have 12 students max per class with two teachers. PreK II classes have 9 students max per class with one lead teacher and a floater to help whenever needed. PreK Bridge class has 10 students max with one lead teacher and a floater to help whenever needed. The instructional part of our day is from 9:00am-1:30pm with an extended option until 3:00pm that includes rest time and fun activities. 

Enhancing learning through enrichment programs, including

  • School Readiness Projects, for PreK I, II & Bridge classes, these teacher developed projects teach handwriting, literacy, math and school readiness skills through developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory, play-based activities, song & rhyme, games, projects and the TVTeacher handwriting program.

  • Fine Motor & Handwriting skills begin in the sophomore program by focusing on fine motor activities daily. In PreK I we continue our fine motor practices daily and begin working on correct pencil grasp, drawing lines, shapes and progressing to letters and numbers. Our curriculum allows us to work with each child individually at their pace. In PreK II we continue to work on more advanced letters and numbers, both upper and lower case. In PreK Bridge we will continue building on letters and numbers and begin more advanced handwriting. Marnie Danielson, MHS, OTR/L is one of the creators of our handwriting curriculum (The TV Teacher) and a friend of the school. She joins our PreK II and Bridge classes monthly and our other classes regularly throughout the year to work with students and teachers on fine motor skills assessments.

  • Kindermusik, for all classes, a program based on research demonstrating the benefits of music at each stage of a child’s development. Activities promote each child’s development in mind, body, and sense of play and encourage a lifelong love of music.

  • Stretch-N-Grow, (PreK I, II & Bridge) where children learn to "Exercise and Eat What's Wise!"

  • Weekly Spanish classes for all classes focusing on colors, alphabet, numbers and basic words and songs.

  • Chapel weekly with Pastor Kerry and church staff (PreK I, II & Bridge)

  • Art, cooking, science and more are incorporated into our weekly lesson plans.

  • Extended option- until 3:00pm (all ages) offers more playtime, fun projects and nap time for our younger friends after our instructional day ends at 1:30pm.

  • Outside groups also offer optional classes after the 1:30pm release for those who wish to participate. Those classes change yearly and have included things such as dance, soccer, art, STEAM, yoga and basketball.

Encouraging service to others
Children, teachers, staff, and parents come together to make a difference in our community and our world through small service projects through the year that teach children about the joy and importance of helping others. Organizations/projects supported by GHP:

  • Apple Cider Stand benefiting the homeless

  • Christmas Angel Tree for Emanuel Community Center

  • Birthday Boxes for local food pantries

  • Children's Book Drives

Excellent educators
Our teachers exceed the minimum standards set by childcare licensing standards, are all experienced in early childhood education and stay current on new teaching techniques and information by participating in a minimum of 24-30 hours of continuing education each year. All staff members are first aid and CPR certified and go through FBI background checks as outlined by Texas Department of Family & Protective Services.

We welcome families of every faith, size, culture, and make up. Contact us to see if our school is the right fit for your family!